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"You've reached Lois Lane with the Daily Planet.
Obviously I can't take your call right now, but if you leave me a name and number, I'll do my best to get back to you."


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News happens fast around the bullpen. That much has always been true. An earthquake in Malaysia, wildfires in California, terror in Yemen. It's flash after flash of unrest in all corners of the world, and it weighs heavy on Lois's shoulders at the end of each week. 

Still, it's hope that gets her through the job when the world starts to look dark. Hope that there are good people helping when they can, hope that things can be <i>done</i> to counteract, maybe even put a stop to some of that darkness out there. 

She's been working on the Abruzzi story for a while now. Months of quiet digging, prying into the small corner of the mob under his hand. His arrest is a surprise, for sure, but with the power and the contacts a man like Abruzzi has behind him, it won't be enough. 

She's tracked down Burrows on a hunch. There's nothing solid tying him to Abruzzi's arrest, but then again nothing's all that solid when it comes to the powers they're dealing with. Still, he's the only thread she can find to pull on, after all the dead ends, and maybe... maybe the events in Yemen will at least earn her a few minutes to find out what he knows.

She takes a breath, glancing skeptically at the door a moment, and knocks.
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Spring in Metropolis tends to bring with it the kind of picturesque beauty typical of any east coast city. Snow and wind have given way to green and that crisp kind of freshness in the air, which typically puts people in high spirits along with the return of the sun.

Of course, Lois Lane is enjoying none of it. Yes, the morning sickness is finally - finally - dissipating, but with a second trimester comes a fresh new wave of fun symptoms to enjoy; back pains, migraines, her bladder shrinking to the size of a walnut. Without her daily fix of caffeine and nicotine to get her through work every day, she's fairly sure she's been on the verge of an emotional breakdown 4 times this week, even with Clark stepping up and the more incompetent interns hiding away from her immediate field of vision.

It's only Tuesday.

She takes a deep breath as she exits City Hall, needing a moment to collect herself after a lengthy - and, admittedly, a little fervent - meeting with the new ADA in town. Starting down the steps, she pens a text to Clark with one hand, grazing her thumb absently over the curve of her belly with the other.

Got what we needed. Need a walk. Back in an hour.

She glances up just in time to send the text before promptly colliding with the man in front of her.


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Lois Lane (28)
Journalist. Army Brat. Blabbermouth.


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NAME: Angie
AGE: 26
CONTACT: Plurk: loistheintrepid
NAME: Lois Lane
CANON: Smallville/DC Comics
AGE: 28
CANON POINT: Post Smallville, with a few tweaks to canon here and there.
BACKGROUND: Lois Lane - Smallville Wikia
INCENTIVE/FIT: They came to her when she was at her weakest; though in retrospect, that timing was probably more than deliberate. An explosion at Luthorcorp after a mission gone wrong had left Oliver and Chloe hospitalized, Clark missing entirely. These moments were becoming too frequent now; loss too close for comfort. 

So she'd agreed. She'd go with them, as long as they could guarantee the team's safety. When she came back, there'd be no more worrying next to a hospital bed or pacing the apartment in the middle of the night with an eye on the news waiting for a phone call.

Keep them safe.

As for fit, Lois is more than willing to romp around in the sack for the good of the people. Commitment hasn't exactly worked out in her favor in the past, so the hitting and quitting won't be too difficult in theory. Except that she tends to get attached easily, despite may of her own best efforts...

SAMPLES: Sample OneSample Two
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Lois Lane
Smallville/DC Comics
  • Character Biography 
  • Writing Sample
  • Fandom Background - note: She's a mix of Smallville and comics. I tend to play her after she's been at the Planet for a few years and made a good name for herself. Her relationship with Clark is (mostly) professional - but if anyone asks, he's simply a pain in her ass.
  • Only previous history that applies is that she's met [personal profile] the_punisher previously.

Diana Prince
DC Comics
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Seat backs and tray tables upright and locked, belts fastened, cabin lights dimmed. They were about an hour into their overnight flight to Glasgow, the cabin thankfully only at half capacity after the rush of the holiday season. Somehow, both Lois and Jack had managed to extend their vacation for another few days, though Lois had a feeling she'd be forced to put out at least a half dozen fires from abroad before she returned.

Her legs were spread across the empty seat next to her, back curled into Jack's chest as he snored softly against the thick pane of rounded plexiglass next to him. Most of the passengers around them were out cold, considering the time, but Lois couldn't help fidgeting restlessly in her seat. Music hadn't helped. Neither had her request for a nightcap, which the stewardess had most definitely judged her for. Reading had only muddled her worries even more, so finally, she reached out to punch on the screen in front of her to browse through the movies, the sudden sharp glow of light blinding her in contrast to the darkness.

"Son of a-" She jabbed at the buttons on the seat back, squinting until the screen reached a reasonable temperature. Beside her, she felt Jack grumble, stirring slightly at the fuss. "Sorry..." she winced.


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