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Birthdate:Aug 18, 1986
Location:Metropolis, Illinois, United States of America
Muse and Mun 18+
Canon is Smallville/DC Comics

Name: Lois Joanne Lane
Age: 28
Height: 5'8''
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Profession: Journalist

History: Born on Ramstein Air Base in Germany to General Sam Lane and his wife, Ella. Her younger sister, Lucy, followed several years later. When Lois was six years old, her mother died of cancer. General Lane raised his two daughters much like he trained his soldiers. The chain of command in the Lane family was very clear. The General, as he was called, looked after Lois, and Lois looked after little Lucy. The three jumped around to various military bases until The General sent Lucy to boarding school and Lois was left to follow her father around the world. Finally, in her later high school years, Lois left her father and sister to investigate the sudden death of her cousin, Chloe Sullivan. Her travels took her to Smallville, where she met and begrudgingly attended high school with Clark Kent. The pair teamed up on their first investigation and found a very alive Chloe, much to their relief. Soon enough, Lois moved in with the Kents and enrolled at Metropolis University.

Not long after enrollment, Lois was kicked out of Met U for underage drinking. She took on as many odd jobs she could to gain some money, including working as a barista at The Talon, serving as campaign manager for Jonathan Kent, and aiding as Chief of Staff for Martha Kent. She got her first job as a journalist with the Metropolis Inquisitor, and soon after worked her way to the top of the Daily Planet. Her work reporting on the growing publicity of vigilante heroes has earned her a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism.

Smallville wiki, for more info

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